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Seriously Science Show $10/student + GST

Our passionate presenters tailor these shows to enliven the specific curriculum needs of students on the day. Priority is given to include the most exciting, and even explosive, chemistry and physics demonstrations.

Rethink Refuel Recover: Sustainable Science Supercharged Show $7/student + GST

This show has been added to our middle years program following a hugely popular National Science Week dedicated tour. It’s a specialist show, empowering students to appreciate how everyday science in their own lives affects global sustainability.

Forensic Science – Who Dyed Workshop $15/student + GST

Students join the Street Science Forensics Unit for a 90 minute session to help gather and analyse evidence in this cryptic crime – the Petsville principal’s pet poodle is peculiarly pink! Through ink chromatography, soil density testing, shoeprint analysis and more, it’s a fun foray into the world of forensic science with STEAM extension activities available to continue the investigation in class.

Year 7-10