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Seriously Science Show $12/student + GST

Racking your brain for a more exciting way to deliver core curriculum content that your class just isn’t engaging with?
Never fear, Street Science is here! Our passionate presenters are here to make your lives easier by providing custom science show options that are tailored to your specific curriculum needs! It’s our job to make keen scientists of your students by captivating them with the most exciting and explosive chemistry and physics demonstrations.

Rethink Refuel Recover: Sustainable Science Supercharged Show $8/student + GST

Our beautiful planet is home to countless precious resources that enrich our lives every day. Street Science’s Rethink Refuel Recover show was added to our suite of high school science education programs off the back of our celebrated 2017 National Science Week show tour. In this specialist show, your students will be empowered to appreciate how everyday science affects sustainability on a global scale. The knowledge and tools on display will show them how they can reduce their footprint and shape a more sustainable world as scientists of the future.

Forensic Science – Who Dyed Workshop $16/student + GST

The mystery of who dyed remains unsolved – until now! Students will be tasked with joining the Street Science Forensics Unit in investigating a most curious mystery. Over the 90-minute session, students will sharpen their detective skills and intuition as they gather and analyse evidence in this cryptic crime. Using ink chromatography, soil density testing, shoeprint analysis and more, forensics will become synonymous with fun for your students. Even better, STEAM extension activities are also available to continue the investigation in class!

Year 7-10