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Experience Three Hands-On Science Shows

Embark on an exhilarating journey of discovery with our Living Room Laboratory Kit, where science is not just learned, it’s experienced! This summer, transform your home into a laboratory of wonders as we dive into the fascinating world of science with three action-packed activities and shows: Rocket Rings, Crazy Catapults and Popping Parachutes.

What’s Included?

$99.00  $39.95 Per Child 

Tailored for curious minds, each on-demand session is packed with fun, engaging activities that spark creativity and ignite a lifelong love of learning. Let our Street Science presenters blow your mind with awe-inspiring science shows, build your own science experiments, then test your skills with fun challenges. Enrol now and prepare for a vacation filled with awe-inspiring discoveries! 

Each Living Room Laboratory Kit contains three on-demand science shows* (each goes for ~40mins) that teach how you how to build and explains the science behind the following experiments: Ring Wing Glider, Straw Rocket, Pompom Popper, Parachuter, Basic Catapult, Complex Catapult.


PLUS, get a free DIY Bouncy Ball kit! 

Get in now and get ready to test your scientific and experimental skills!

* On-demand science shows are available from Monday 11th December 2023 onwards

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