Street Science will present individually tailored programs to assist primary schools, as they engage with the current phase of the Australian National Curriculum. Programs can be customised to compliment the needs of your individual school, with the ability to present age appropriate material for students in Prep right through to Year 10.

A huge thank you for a fantastic presentation at our school. Laura did a fabulous job of engaging two whole classes and running a completely controlled, fun and hands on investigation. Of the 8 classes that participated, everyone have not stopped talking about the wonderful experience.

– Year 3 Teacher
Talara Primary College


Heat energy is a focus of the Year 3 show, exciting students with a range of fire and liquid nitrogen based demonstrations to explore how heat can be produced, transferred between objects and have dramatic observable effects on materials around us.


Students observe evidence to define living and non-living specimens using hand-held digital microscopes and can even capture images of their discoveries to view later in class.


Students complete chemical reactions to feel and measure, using thermometers, how heat can be produced and absorbed. They then test different materials’ ability to conduct thermal energy and allow state changes.

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When you book Street Science we work to take the hassle out of booking an incursion, making all of the paperwork associated with the incursion as simple as possible. You will be supported from the initial booking by our expert team to help select the perfect science experience right through until after our visit with post-event communication.

Our visits are all-inclusive. We bring all the gear, set up smoothly, and pack-down; leaving zero mess! We only leave behind smiling faces and a fresh excitement for science learning. Our emphasis on inquiry-based learning keeps everyone engaged throughout our entire visit, and well after we have packed the van and headed back to Street Science HQ.