The science doesn’t have to stop! Keep all the scientists, big and small, entertained with these DIY experiments.

Designed to be uncomplicated, these experiments are perfect with our Ultimate Science Kit (available online).  They are a great way to encourage curiosity and develop investigative skills!

Festive Catapult

This experiment will teach your kids how to fling your festive treats using push and pull forces

DIY Dancing Carols

For this easy experiment you will need simple objects found at home or at your local shop

Flying Christmas Chickens

This experiment allows kids to learn about acids and bases

Holiday Towers

Layer your favourite colours and get into the Christmas spirit

Coloured Rings

Using science to remove the colour from Christmas lollies

Lights in Lava

Using Chemistry to make moving colour and brighten the silly season

Seasonal Senses

Use familiar Christmas foods in this sensory experiment

Santa Seed Heads

Using grass seeds to make your own hairy Santa


Sinking snacks… test density & see which snacks sink or float in fizzy drinks

Reindeer Toothpaste

This favourite reaction gets a holiday makeover – best done outside due to mess

Summer Snowing

Summer Snowing… snow this season? Make your own snow in a jar!

Candy Canes

Candy Canes…..Watch as your candy disappears in various solvents (or your mouth!)