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Let the Street Science team take the worry out of your kid’s party this year by providing not just entertainment, but a hands-on workshop to keep all the kids busy.

We arrive early, bring everything, and clean up once we’re done. Choose one of the party options below or contact the Street Science team to discuss a custom party for your ‘little scientist’.

Our parties are fun, educational, safe and most of all provide you with a day your child will never forget!

Treat your kid this year with a Street Science Party!

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Every science party kicks off with a 30 minute stage show. This is the same show that made Street Science famous. With Exploding Balloons, Intriguing Demonstrations, Light, Sound and Fire to boot, this is a performance NOT to be missed. Then choose from one of the following workshops to continue the fun.

The Serious Slime & Snow Party – Age 5+

This one hour, hands-on workshop has every kid performing their own experiments, where they get to mix chemicals (safe ones, of course) together to firstly make some ooey-gooey SLIME, and then back it up by creating INSTANT SNOW. This amazing polymer expands instantly to 100 times its original size to create numerous piles of the soft fluffy white sfuff.

60 mins

Bath Bombs & Beautiful Science – Age 7+

A favourite choice for our female scientists, where participants learn the science of Acid/Base reactions whilst making beautiful bath bombs, which can be taken home and used in the bath. Learn why they fizz, manipulate the fragrance and customise your own colours. All attendees get to take home at least one fragrant bath bomb creation!

60 mins.

The Rockin’ Rocket Party – Age 7+

This hands-on workshop gets every kid involved, making their own customised ROCKET which will be launched deep into the atmosphere. Kids complete a craft-based activity to build a plastic rocket, kitted out with fins and bright colours, before venturing into the yard to launch them. These rockets have been known to consistently fly up to 10m high!

60 mins

Wacky Worms, Balls & All Party – Age 7+

Kids mix seaweed-derived chemicals together to create a range of delightfully disgusting polymer worms, bouncy balls and other oddities. Products of this workshops are limited only by the kids’ imaginations!


Big Rocket Launch Add-On

Have you every imagined launching a REAL ROCKET deep into the clouds? Then why not indulge in the ultimate ROCKET LAUNCH upgrade. After the workshop, the birthday boy or girl will receive a present from your party host (a boxed rocket). Once we run through some safety info and pack the “chute”, it’s time to gather the crowd and count down. Your lucky kid even gets to hit the launch button! These rockets fly up to 300m high with a trail or white smoke, before releasing a parachute and sailing back to earth.

A truly AMAZING finale to the party of the year!

Party Bags

Let us take ALL of the stress out of your party planning by pre-ordering a take-home party pack for each child who attends the party.

Street Science party bags save you time and money, and at only $7 each they will give your little scientists hours more of fun science entertainment. They include an Instant Snow making kit, a couple of science-themed sweets, refraction rainbow peepholes, rocket balloons and even more activities and experiments to do at home with real laboratory equipment.

Science Party Bags Brisbane

For those who really LOVE science, upgrade to our PREMIUM Street Science party bags for only a few dollars more. A bargain for $12, they include all the regular scientastic goodies as well as our exclusive Street Science Bouncy Ball Experiment Kit to make your very own PVA bouncy balls at home!

Science Party Bags Brisbane

MYO Geyser Kits

Looking to give the kids something EXTRA to keep them busy once our scientists leave? We’ve searched the world to find the perfect ‘Mentos Geyser Kit’. This pack comes boxed up with all the gear you need and simple instructions to make the geyser happen! It’s been a YouTube hit for years and now your little scientists can create their own Soda fountains and some life long memories to boot! Great fun for both boys and girls … it’ll be the BEST PARTY EVER!

Read more about the Science Parties by Downloading the PDF with detailed pricing, inclusions, terms and conditions.

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