Rocket Fuel Experiment

Rocket Fuel Experiment

This experiment teaches you to make your own (safe!) Rocket Fuel!

For this experiment, you will need: 
– 2tsp of Bicarb Soda (sodium bicarbonate)
– 1 tsp of Citric Acid
– 1tsp of Corn Flour
– Cooking Oil
– Water
– 1 large cup
– 2 small cups (30ml)
– Pipette / eye dropper- Stirring stick / small spoon

STEP 1: Carefully measure the following substances into
a plastic cup. Wear safety glasses. (Citric Acid is a
common, household grade chemical. If it causes irritation on the skin clean the affected
area with soapy water.)
o 2 flat teaspoons of Bicarb Soda
o 1 flat teaspoon of Citric Acid
o 1 flat teaspoon of Corn Flour

Step 2: Using the stirring stick, mix these substances together REALLY WELL. The key to quality

rocket fuel is mixing this continuously for at least 3mins!

Step 3: Carefully transfer 30 drops of cooking oil into your mixture. Use a pipette or eye
dropper! If you wish to colour your fuel, add 2 drops of food dye as well. You may want
to ask an adult for assistance to do this if needed.

Step 4: Add 10 drops of water to the mixture and QUICKLY stir to stop the bubbling. Continue
stirring the oil and water through for another 1-2 mins or until the mixture feels like soft
wet sand.

Step 5: Carefully transfer about half of the mixture into the small plastic cup. Compress the
mixture with a second small cup or spoon / flat object, producing a hard, compressed
fuel capsule.

Step 6: Slowly tip the cup upside down over a piece of paper and gently tap the bottom to
dislodge the capsule. Leave this to dry for up to an hour. Break the capsule into smaller
pieces to launch your rocket. Each Fuel Capsule will provide at least 6 launches!!

Step 7: To store your fuel capsule for later use, wrap it in cling wrap or put it into an air tight container.


To see how to create your own rockets, check out our YOU TUBE video here



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