Build your own Tabletop Hovercraft!

Build your own Tabletop Hovercraft!

You will need:

  • An old CD or DVD
  • A 30cm balloon
  • A pop-top bottle cap
  • A hot glue gun

Step 1: Use the hot glue gun to glue the cap to the middle of the CD or DVD. Make sure to create a good seal to stop the air from escaping.  If you are using the cap from a water bottle, cover the centre hole of the CD with a piece of tape and poke approximately 6 holes in the tape. This will help to slow down the flow of air and allow your hovercraft to hover longer.

Step 2: Blow up the balloon all the way and pinch the neck between your fingers.

Step 3: Make sure the pop-top is closed and place the neck of the balloon over the pop-up portion of the cap. (It is easier to have two people helping at this step!)

Step 4: Place the hovercraft on a smooth surface and pop the top open.  STOP & THINK – How does the disc hover and move above the surface?  What role does the tape play in the movement of the hovercraft?

HOW DOES IT WORK?Balloon Hovercraft

The airflow out of the balloon creates a cushion of air between the disc and the surface. This cushion reduces friction and allows the disc to hover above the surface. Large scale hovercraft work the same way and can travel over land, snow and water.


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