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The Birth of Street Science

Street Science was founded by Steven Liddell, a fully qualified science educator who has a passion for bringing science to life. Working full time as a high school teacher, he had a vision; to take his engaging style of science education out of the classroom and on tour around the state.

Original Queen Street Mall PhotoIn 2012, ‘Liddell Education’ launched its brand new science show, ‘Science on the Road’. Little did the first audience in Queen Street know at the time, but this would grow into Queensland’s Premier Science Show Production, Street Science.

The show officially became branded as Street Science in 2013, and now offers a range of professional, well-designed workshops and stage shows to complement the National Curriculum along the East Coast of Australia. Based in Brisbane, Street Science regularly services major cities and regional districts around Queensland with scheduled tours into northern NSW on request.


Street Science provides captivating and curriculum aligned school Incursions and community entertainment, to excite and engage Australia's youth! Call us today to book our seriously fun science and wow your crowds with the best!

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